Helsinki residents propose dozens of city operations for assessment

Residents of Helsinki have contributed numerous suggestions this year for the Audit Committee to consider in their annual assessment of the city’s operations. The adequacy of personnel in early childhood education is an example of a suggestion for assessment that came up often. The suggestions were collected via the city’s online Kerro kantasi (Voice your opinion) service over the period of 6–22 January. Eighty-seven comments were fielded, 48 of which were actual suggestions.

Auraustraktori puhdistaa lumia pois kävelytieltä. Kuvaaja; Maija Astikainen.
Helsinki residents proposed that the committee assess the winter maintenance of routes for non-motorised traffic in light of different user groups. Photo: Maija Astikainen

Helsinki residents also proposed that the committee assess the winter maintenance of routes for non-motorised traffic in light of different user groups, as well as the quality of round-the-clock senior care.

“Some of the suggestions provided by Helsinki’s residents were things that the Audit Committee had already been preparing to assess. The 2022 Assessment Report, which will be published in April 2023, assesses, among other things, the effect of residential area city planning on green areas and the labour shortage in early childhood education. They attracted the most interest last year and inspired suggestions again this year,” said Minna Tiili, Assessment Manager of the committee.

The Audit Committee also requested assessment suggestions from city councillors, council groups, and the city’s top civil servants. In addition, the members and staff of the Audit Committee submitted assessment proposals. Just over 100 assessment proposals were collected in total. The two committees of the Audit Committee will discuss the proposals at their spring meetings and decide which suggestions to include in the 2023 Assessment Report in May. The conclusions of the report will be presented to the City Council in April 2024.

The Audit Committee is tasked with annually assessing whether the operating and financial targets set by the City Council for the City of Helsinki and the Helsinki City Group have been realised, and whether the city’s operations have been arranged in a cost-effective and appropriate manner. The Audit Committee is directly subordinate to the City Council of Helsinki.

The execution of the 2022 Assessment Report is underway, and preparations are being made for the 2023 equivalent. The 2022 Assessment Report will be published in April on the Assessment Report website at .

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