The Audit Department prepares the matters falling within the competence of the committee. The Audit Committee is responsible for assessing whether the operational and financial targets set for the City and the City Group have been achieved and whether the City’s operations have been arranged in a cost-effective and appropriate manner. The Audit Committee is also responsible for preparing audit matters decided by the council and coordinating the audit in the City Group.

The operations of the Audit Department under the City Council and the Audit Committee are guided mainly by the City’s administrative regulations and the Audit Department’s operational rules (in Finnish).

The Audit Committee will meet a total of 13 times in 2024.

Meeting place unless otherwise specified: Audit Department, Sörnäistenkatu 1, meeting room.

For more information, please contact Vilma Lamminpää, Secretary of the Audit Committee, tel. +358 310 36581.

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