Audit Department

The Audit Department serves as an external supervision unit under the City Council and the Audit Committee. The Audit Department assesses with the committee the achievement of the City Council’s objectives and the cost-effective and appropriate organisation of operations. The department assists the Auditor in the auditing of City administration and finances. The department also assists the committee with monitoring the declarations of interest.

The Audit Department has been active for over 110 years. The department was founded in 1911 with the name Revision Office. The Revision Office became the Audit Department in 1998.

Activities of the Audit Department

The head of the Audit Department is Timo Terävä, Audit Director, CPFA. The department’s main processes include

  • assessments under the responsibility of Timo Cantell, Assessment Manager
  • audits under the responsibility of Arto Ahlqvist, Audit Manager
  • monitoring of the declarations of private interests under the responsibility of Vilma Lamminpää, Controller.

The department has 17 staff members, including four CPFA Auditors.

Aerial view of Helsinki. Photographer: Jussi Hellsten.

You can find more information on the Audit Department’s activities, financial figures and human resources in its annual report (in Finnish). Previous annual reports are available on request by email to

Tarkastusviraston toimintakertomus 2023 (pdf)

Audit Department in the media

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Photos: Jussi Hellsten