Audit Committee

Kuvituskuva Kari Ylitalo. Ilmakuva Helsingin keskustasta.

The Audit Committee organises the audit and assessment of City administration and finances according to Section 14 of the Local Government Act. There are nine members on the committee, with each having their own personal deputy member. The chair and the vice-chair must be city councillors.

The committee assesses whether the operational and financial targets set for the City and the City Group have been achieved and whether the City’s operations have been arranged in a cost-effective and appropriate manner, as referred to in Section 6 of the Local Government Act. The results of the assessment are presented to the council in an annual assessment report. The committee prepares matters concerning the auditing of administration and finances, such as the election of the Auditor, for the City Council to decide upon.

The committee follows the administration and finances of the City and the City Group and any changes in them. The committee approves the plan for arranging audit for the City Group’s subsidiary companies and foundations, nominates the candidates for their auditor positions and coordinates the auditing of the City and the City Group.

The Audit Committee oversee compliance with the obligation to declare private interests and reports on it to the City Council.

Audit Committee Action Plan 2021–2025 (pdf, in Finnish)

The latest assessment plan

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Photo: Kari Ylitalo